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Not only dog education

Choosing to have a dog is to throw open the doors to a great opportunity. Consciously beginning a journey of knowledge and education of the dog is the first step in proving that we have recognized and welcomed this opportunity.

Through education, which we are apparently teaching the dog, we are re-educating ourselves.

my dog always close to me is dog education

Pedagogical practices we put in place can reveal defects in our personality that we had not considered and that we can correct.

Fundamental principles guiding relationships are absolute and valid for everyone. Therefore also between a man and a dog.

By stimulating the dog’s attention and developing its sense of responsibility inevitably we also practice these two virtues of the character with the consequent result of making the dog a faithful animal and us trustworthy people.

To be recognized as trustworthy people is the biggest advantage in any type of relationship, between lovers, between friends, and in working relationships.

In a society where individualism and personal satisfaction prevail more and more, discovering values of responsibility and accountability and learning how to spend them in relationships can immediately, as a first sign, awake in others virtues such as honesty and altruism.

The beneficial flow, derived from taking the full control of our own behaviour, and therefore of our own education, can have an unimaginable effect and significantly improve the quality of our lives.

This consideration does not arise from the sterile pleasure of exposing a theoretical philosophy but from a 20 years commitment in building and strengthening a dog-owner pair through a path which is not based on the reinforcement of conditioning, but on the free and responsible discovery of being not only useful but beneficial to one another.

the value of dog education in psychology and ethology of the dog


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Alessandro Coppola
Not only dog education


Not only dog education
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Not only dog education
Through education, which we are apparently teaching the dog, we are re-educating ourselves.
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Alessandro Coppola
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