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Our address: Casa Vaikuntha Frazione Pareto 37 15054 Fabbrica Curone AL Italy
phone +39 0131 780345 mobile +39 333 6907064 email

Our territory: Four provinces

Casa Vaikuntha is located on the first northern section of the Apennine. This territory is called “4 Povinces” because is located into four different provinces and regions: Alessandria (Piedmont), Pavia (Lombardy), Genua (Liguria) and Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna).

Our mountains and valleys are beautiful. Here you can find small villages and footpaths along “La Via del Sale”, an ancient path that connected the Po Valley with the Ligurian Sea.

You can walk with your dog for hours along paths immersed in the typical Italian Apennines nature without ever meeting anyone, especially hunters.

You can admire the famous “calanchi”, geomorphological phenomenon of soil erosion, and will impress in front of their particular beauty.

Or you can walk along the banks of the “Curone” or “Staffora” rivers, where your dog can enjoy bathing in the warm summer days.

Come and visit this piece of Italy!

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