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Book ABOUT DOGS: Notes of a dog trainer

Choosing to have a dog is to open the door to a great opportunity. While educating the dog we will actually have to deal with ourselves.

The pedagogical practices we will use will be able to reveal the characteristics of our personality that we had not considered and that will be corrected. If we will be able to invest well on this experience we could find a way to invest the outcomes far beyond the relationship between a man and a dog.

In a society where more and more prevails individualism and personal gratification rediscovering the values of responsibility and accountability, and learn how to spend them in relationships can have an unimaginable eco and significantly improve the quality of our lives.
Alessandro Coppola


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book about dogs available on amazonTitle: About Dogs: Notes of a dog trainer
Author: Alessandro Coppola
Language: English
Translator: Anna Gagliardi

ISBN-10: 1518618510
ISBN-13: 978-1518618512

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