Sunday Dog Trekking In the Beauty Of The Italian Countryside

Educational dog trekking

educational dog trekking sunday dog

Casa Vaikuntha offers Sunday dog.
Sunday dog ​​is an educational dog trekking for everyone, a walk with our dogs along the paths through the beautiful meadows and woods surrounding Casa Vaikuntha, accompanied by Alessandro Coppola, dog trainer.

Sunday dog ​​wants to be an educational day as well as leisure, during which our dogs will be free to explore beautiful unspoilt woodland, socialize and play with each other, as well as deepen their relationship with their handler.

During the walk in the morning, we will deal with subjects related to education, relationship and dog handling.

In the afternoon we will conduct, in turn, practical exercises for education of the dog and the dogs will strive to recognize and follow in the footsteps of their handlers hidden in the woods.

booking educational dog trekking


10:30 a.m. Meeting at Casa Vaikuntha
10:45 a.m. Let’s start the educational dog trekking
12:45 a.m. Lunch bag
2:00 p.m. Let’s restart
4:30 p.m. Return to Casa Vaikuntha
Price: 50.00 euros each dog

The educational dog trekking is open to a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 participants dogs. The dog may be accompanied by more humans, including children.

What to bring to the educational dog trekking:

We suggest adequate clothing and shoes to the natural environment.

Each participant must bring their own lunch bag and water for themselves and their dog.
Lunch will be in non-equipped areas, it is the responsibility of everyone to organize for their own comfort and leave not trace of their passage (waste, papers, bottles and cans must be collected and taken away).

Where is Casa Vaikuntha:

Visit my page “where I am” to get directions to reach Casa Vaikuntha

Information and booking:

phone +39 0131 780345 mobile +39 333 6907064
or visit my page “contact

If you prefer, you can book you directly on my Facebook page Dog Training Casa Vaikuntha
sunday dog an educational dog trekking at casa vaikuntha

Educational dog trekking
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Educational dog trekking
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Alessandro Coppola Dog Trainer,
Frazione Pareto 37,Fabbrica Curone,Italy-15054,
Telephone No.+393336907064
Casa Vaikuntha Frazione Pareto 37 15054 Fabbrica Curone AL Italy
During our educational dog trekking your dogs explore woodland, socialize and play with each other, as well as deepen their relationship with their handler.

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