Sustainable Canine Culture

the value of a sustainable canine culture

The value of a culture that wants to call itself sustainable lies in the benefits that it will be able to display in the short, medium and long term.

Every change requires a certain amount of sacrifice. This will be more easily accepted and will produce a minor discomfort to the extent to which we are able to recognize the goal. And we will sincerely work to reach it.

The term sustainable culture applied to the canine world is supported by the study, research and application of pedagogy, the science of education. The pedagogy which is developed with the intention to reveal all the opportunities that a correct relationship between a man and a dog can offer.

sustainable canine culture

The current culture sees a general deterioration in the value of relationships. And individuals are increasingly defensive of their even smaller securities.

The dog specie, despite this, reflects this social status in the forms of filth and neglect that often accompany the image of public opinion about dogs. The bottom is touched whenever occur forms of mistreatment by humans against dogs or episodes of aggression by dogs against man.

sustainable canine culture

Rediscovering and bringing out those qualities of the character essential for the proper construction of social relationships such as family, friends, work environment and emotional relationships of all types and levels can be done, even by learning to take care of a dog. Rediscovering through him, the responsibility that each one of us has towards the community that is surrounded by and to take these responsibilities with joy.

Realizing the characteristics useful to us to be a good dog owner cannot be separated from recognizing the utility of using these same characteristics in being a good father, a good employer, a good friend, a good citizen, and so on.

I want to reassure those who feel threatened by the risk of expanding a culture that shall consume significant human resources for the exclusive benefit of dog species.

The danger to which we are most exposed is that of an unbridled selfishness that leads to a cruel oppression of man on the environment and of man by man itself.

reasons and procedures for a sustainable canine culture

sustainable canine culture

Being aware of the reasons and procedures for a sustainable canine culture and subsequently adopting a dog is a choice that can reveal its beneficial effects in the short term. The first to enjoy these benefits will be the one who will recognize the opportunities hidden behind this choice. The possibility that these benefits will expand to the community will be given to that individual who will be able to become a promoter of the values ​​and qualities that choice will have awakened in him.

Alessandro Coppola
Sustainable Canine Culture


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